Android Users Make a Video with Pictures

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, launch the Google Photos app.
  2. Go to your Google Account and log in.
  3. Go to the bottom and choose Assistant.
  4. From the top, choose Movie.
  5. Choose the images you want to use in the film.
  6. Click the Create button in the top-right corner now.

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How do I make a video with pictures and voice over?

How to Create a Voiceover Video:

  1. Add your video, pictures, and other media to VEED.
  2. Using our Audio tool, you can easily add your audio with just one click.
  3. Download and share. Hit 'Download', and you're ready to share your voiceover video with the world.

Is photo video maker with music free?

You can create cool video clips from photos using the free video editor app The Photo Video Maker with Music.
How do you create a slideshow?
The fastest way to create a slideshow is to use Google Photos on your Android phone, which basically creates a video of your photos that you can use as a slideshow. Begin by opening the Google Photos app and choosing the photos you want to use in the slideshow.

To get started, open the Photos app and choose New video > Automatic video with music or Custom video with music. From there, you can add animated 3D effects, like sparkles or fireworks, as well as music, motion, text, and more to your video slideshows.
How do you make a video with pictures and music on Facebook for free?
Learn how to create a Slideshow on Facebook in six easy steps!

  1. How to create a Facebook slideshow (complete with music!)
  2. First, visit your Facebook page.
  3. Choose your video settings in step two.
  4. Add music to your Facebook slideshow in step three.
  5. Upload your images in Step 4.
  6. Preview Your Facebook Slideshow in Step 5.

How can I make a video online for free?
How to make a video online with Animoto

  1. Make a video from scratch or choose a template.
  2. Upload your own images and videos, or pick from our collection of Getty Images stock.
  3. Colors, text, fonts, and music can be changed to make your video more distinctive.
  4. Your video should be exported and shared with your followers, friends, and family on social media.

How do you animate a picture?
If you want to liven up your photos, animation can give it that special touch you want.
Download YouCam Perfect

  1. Get YouCam Perfect now.
  2. Open the application, then select Photo Edit.
  3. To find the desired animation effect, select the Animation tool and scroll.
  4. Just choose it, and you can see your photo come to life!

Which app is best for video making with pictures and music?
In order to improve the video, you can adjust the color, add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound effects, or reverse, trim, split, cut, and crop videos with KineMaster (Android and iOS), an intuitive and fully featured photo video maker app.
How do you make a birthday video with pictures and music?
How to make a happy birthday video in 4 steps with Animoto

  1. Pick a birthday template or create your own.
  2. Your images and videos should be uploaded.
  3. Change the colors, text, and music in your birthday video to make it more unique.
  4. Create your video and distribute it via email, social media, or a birthday party.