The film is dedicated to his two brothers, Charles and Walter, and finds its roots in their upbringing and relationship with their parents. Mortensen plays John Petersen, who lives with his partner Eric (Terry Chen) and their adopted daughter Monica in Southern California.
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Is Viggo Mortensen a nice guy?He arrived in Seattle without a movie-star entourage, and the word from the local publicists handling his visit is that he's an extremely "nice guy." He's friendly, respectful and polite to everyone, happy to talk to any journalist they sit in front of him.

Is Viggo Mortensen a good Aragorn?

I think Viggo does an excellent job as Aragorn. I did not know of him prior to his portrayal of Aragorn, which I believe was a good thing. He brought out the strength and kindness of the character and he has a careworn appearance that fits well with the role. I can't imagine any other actor doing as well with the role.

Does Viggo Mortensen tattoo?

Although those tattoos were fake, Mortensen does have a real piece of body art. The Lord of the Rings star has an 'H' on his wrist as a tribute to his son Henry.Oct 1, 2007

Who did Viggo Mortensen dedicate the movie Falling to?

While Falling is not exactly about his mother, all of his work pays tribute to the woman who raised him and gave him his love for cinema. “My mother got me into that very young,” Mortensen says. “The first time she took me to see a movie, just the two of us, I was 3-years-old.

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Who did Viggo Mortensen dedicate his film Falling to?

“There are shared memories with my brothers, which is why I dedicated the movie to Charles and Walter Mortensen.” “Falling” intentionally alters his family history. “The mother figure is not unlike the way my mother's character was. But Willis is not like my dad.

Does Viggo Mortensen still have Hidalgo horse?

The 62-year-old said that the only horse that is still alive today is the one that he purchased for a stuntwoman “who I ended up becoming friends with”. He said: “I knew how much she liked that horse, so I bought it for her.

Did Viggo Mortensen do his own riding in Hidalgo?

Viggo Mortensen did many of his own stunts and horse riding in the movie.

Did Viggo Mortensen like being Aragorn?

I walked and dressed like Aragorn as Pete always encouraged us to look for the realism in the story. It was a very real performance. At least, I felt like it was true,” said Mortensen.

Why did Viggo Mortensen play Aragorn?

Aragorn was a career-changing role for Viggo Mortensen. He brought dark intensity and a believable ruggedness to the role that required as much action as mystery. It was as if he was made for the part of the sword-wielding Strider, but he wasn't the first choice for it.

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Did Viggo Mortensen write Falling?

Actor Viggo Mortensen makes his debut as a director with his new film, “Falling.” Mortensen also wrote the screenplay and stars as John, a middle-aged man who has a troubled and sometimes violent relationship with his father, Willis.